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Almirola Perez Rocket League Showdown

NASCAR, F1 drivers face off in Rocket League Speed Demon Showdown

On Thursday, NASCAR and Formula 1 drivers will go head-to-head for the very first time during the Rocket League Speed Demon Showdown livestream! Rocket League, one of the most critically acclaimed sports video games of all time, previously brought the two major motorsports together to headline Rocket League Season 3, which featured iconic cars and team decals from both NASCAR and Formula 1.

Aric Almirola, driver of the No. 10 for Stewart-Haas Racing and recently qualified for the NASCAR Playoffs, will represent NASCAR, and Sergio “Checo” Pérez, driver of the No. 11 for Red Bull Racing Honda and currently top five in F1 driver standings, will represent Formula 1.

Both drivers will compete for the first time on the digital pitch in high-octane matches of Soccar, which is the standard game mode in Rocket League that combines arcade-style soccer with rocket powered cars. In addition, they will dive into a new Limited Time Mode called Speed Demon (which will go live in the game tomorrow), where their car’s rocket boosts never end, the ball’s speed is turned up, but less bouncy, and their cars more susceptible to demos on contact with an opponent. The super-fast paced Speed Demon is the ideal mode for the two professional drivers to face off in. Almirola and Pérez will even be playing with their respective NASCAR and Formula 1 cars equipped with their team decals.

“We can’t wait for fans to see the most badass cars in motorsports hit the digital track. We are excited to share the stage with F1 and showcase to a global audience what NASCAR racing is all about,” said Branden Williams, NASCAR’s senior manager of gaming.

Said Pérez: “It’s really cool to interact with other athletes. I’ve had a lot of work lately and I haven’t really been able to practice, but of course we don’t want to lose ever, and that includes video games. That’s what makes it fun for the fans. Rocket League is bringing our sport and gamers closer together and that’s super positive.”

The drivers will also team up with a pit crew of Rocket League Creators and professional players (ArsenalTri HouseShockRLWidow), who will assist either Almirola or Pérez to victory in the Rocket League Speed Demon Showdown. See whose team will come out on top, NASCAR or Formula 1!

The Rocket League Speed Demon Showdown can be viewed on Twitch Thursday at 1 p.m. ET.

In addition, the NASCAR 2021 Fan Pack and Formula 1 Fan Pack will be returning to the Rocket League Item shop from Aug. 19-25.