What is eNASCAR

Building on more than 70 years of on-track success, NASCAR raced into the future with the launch of the eNASCAR in 2018. eNASCAR distinguishes itself from traditional NASCAR by developing and promoting esports’ competitions, leagues and officially sanctioned series.

Aimed at fostering fan engagement and driver development, eNASCAR is uniquely positioned to drive the sport forward through the use of gaming and esports. The various initiatives under the eNASCAR umbrella will see drivers, teams and the industry come together like never before with the goal of creating a brighter and stronger future for the sport.

eNASCAR Series 1 Logo
In collaboration with 704Games and the Race Team Alliance, NASCAR introduced the first NASCAR esports league on consoles in 2019. The newly-formed eNASCAR Heat Pro League features 14 NASCAR race teams battling for supremacy on the NASCAR Heat 4 platform. Each team is represented by one Xbox One player and one PlayStation 4 player who rose to prominence through a lengthy qualification process.
eNASCAR Series 2 Logo
The eNASCAR PEAK Antifreeze iRacing Series is a $100,000 World Championship series officially sanctioned by NASCAR. Featuring virtual replicates of Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series cars, the series showcases an 18-race championship battle between the world's most elite sim-racers. The 2019 season not only sees an increased $100,000 prize pool, but also the onset of official teams - both motorsport organizations and professional esport teams - joining the fray.
eNASCAR Series 3 Logo
NASCAR launched the first-ever youth racing competition on iRacing aimed at attracting and identifying young talent. The eNASCAR Ignite Series offers gamers ages 13-16 years old a legitimate entry point into real-world racing by providing the competitors with an unparalleled simulation experience on iRacing’s platform.